Welcome to Brereton Can

“Brereton Can” is a health and well-being promotion, funded by Brereton Millioncentred around lifestyle changes and weight loss. 


Due to the Corona Virus Crisis the aims of Brereton Can are not able to  be developed are not being progressed.

Plans are underway to re-launch "Brereton Can" in spring of 2021, but the current (January 2021) 3rd lock down will naturally have an effect on those plans. In the mean-time this site does have lots of information and useful links on Health, Mental Health, Exercise and Healthy Eating.

It is hoped that that this site will be a useful source of information to for everyday living as well as during the pandemic.

Please have a quick look at the reminders below, aimed at keeping your self and others safe in these unprecedented times that we currently find ourselves in, and then move on to the main site.

12 January 21:   Recent changes to the site 


  • Direct links added to Brereton Million Covid Support activities

  • Aims and timescales for Brereton Can project updated

  • Home page updated

  • Main menu updated

  • New "Value Recipes added

  • Home page updated