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About Brereton Can

“Brereton Can” is a health and well-being promotion,

centred around lifestyle changes and weight loss, and is funded by Brereton Million


Our aims are:

  • Challenge our community to come together to achieve a modest individual weight loss.

  • Provide a little nudge into changing our lifestyles with a view to keeping this weight off for a year.

  • A target of 1.4 kgs (3 lbs) loss per Brereton resident - equivalent of a small bag of flour.

  • Overall target of 9000 kgs (20,000 lbs)

  • Inspiration and support across our community to share the target of 9000 kgs - equivalent to a small lorry

“Brereton Can” will be there to guide and assist you throughout your journey and we have brought together information on services such as:

  • support groups,

  • dieticians,

  • doctors,

  • health and wellness services,

  • sports clubs

  • other services in our area through which you can find the support to help to reach your weight loss target and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Whilst the COVID situation continues, the site has a page giving information on and links to the wonderful and hard working Brereton Millions Covid Support Group


When the COVID situation allows we will be planning community events to provide information about the Brereton Can initiative such as:

  • healthy eating,

  • sharing recipes

  • sports and fitness advice events.


“Brereton Can” understands that in these unprecedented times

  • it may not be the ideal time to join this initiative

  • we want you to know what can be achieved,

  • we will be here to help, advice and encourage.


In due course, he Brereton Can web site will provide

  • Re-instate the tool to on the website record your weekly weight loss (not your actual weight)

  • Publish the progress of the community towards our 9000 kg target

  • More suggestions for healthy eating with recipes for all times of the day.

  • Our calendar of events.