Lisa's Healthy, Good Value and Tasty Recipes 

I’m Lisa Blades and I run Family Cooking Sessions, aimed at families with children under five, for South Staffs College at Cannock and Rugeley. Due to the Covid crisis, the courses are not running at present, but I do hope that they will start again by late July 2020.


I have been teaching these courses for about 12 years and my absolute passion is cooking and eating great food. The sessions are led by our families' interests and likes in food.


I bring everything along including all food ingredients, utensils and even pinnies to keep you clean. The families choose recipes that they either have always wanted to learn to cook or share their family favorites. Each session families will prepare and cook the food, sharing our knowledge skills and tips with each other. Once the food is cooked families will sit and eat together and plan future weeks sessions.

The recipes I am sharing with “Brereton Can” are some of the group favorites from over many years.  We have found them to be quick, easy, nutritious, healthy, good value and most of all tasty. I tend to do the food shopping at one of the big discounters like Aldi and Lidl as they have good value, good quality ingredients, but obviously the choice is entirely yours.


I have written the recipes and have included items that you may not either have or use due to dietary requirements and needs. Please swap all dairy, meats, wheat and other allergens for foods of your choice. All alternatives are most suitable and with taste we have found there is no difference.

I have also listed the utensils needed, and please use whatever you have that’s handy. Large plastic mixing bowls are great for a host of kitchen tasks and can be purchased quite reasonably at discount stores like B and M  and Home Bargains. They also have good, fun reasonably priced items like cake / muffin cases and cake decorating bits. I use a stick blender purchased from Argos and a small set of scales also from Argos in my cooking sessions, both good quality and price.

Hopefully you will discover a new passion and interest in cooking with these recipes.

Just 1 final thing that every cook should say:



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