What is " Brereton Can! " ?

Brereton Can is a health and well-being promotion through which we aim to challenge our community to come together to lose a total of 20,000 lbs in weight! This translates as 3 pounds per Brereton resident. This isn't a huge target, more a little nudge into changing our lifestyles with a view to keeping this weight off for a year.


Not all residents need to lose weight and that's okay! There's nothing better than getting up inspiring and supporting others to do the same, sharing the target of 20,000lbs between us.


Brereton Can will be there to guide and assist you throughout your journey. Under this easy to use website www.breretoncan.com we have brought together services such as support groups, dieticians, doctors, health and wellness services, sports clubs and any service in our area through which you can access the support you will need to reach your weight loss target and lead a more healthy lifestyle.


Over the next 12 months we will be holding community events providing information on; healthy eating, sharing recipes and hosting sports and fitness events.


The only thing holding you back right now is you!


Why not get started today. Log your weight loss below and come back to this site regularly over the next 12 months to keep your journey regularly updated, and find out how Brereton is doing together, see our updated recipes and exciting calendar of events.


Our primary focus is on improving health and well-being. However, if after losing 3 lbs, you choose to continue your weight loss journey - fantastic! We will do our utmost to help you to reach your target.


Hints and Tips.


Why not check out our hints and tips section to discover healthy recipes.


Do you have a healthy recipe that you think our community can enjoy? Why not get in touch and we will share it.

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Hints, Tips and Recipes. 


Why not check out our hints and tips page to find healthy recipes. Do you have a healthy recipe you think our community would enjoy?Why not get in touch and we can share it.